The Department of Papal Disorders was founded in 1938 as a Bujatric-Maternity Clinic. Her first manager was professor Mile Rajčević, former teacher of Veterinary faculty in Zagreb.

The clinic was split into the Bujatric Clinic and the Maternity Clinic in 1948. Later, in 1956, the Clinic got the name Clinic for papaya, poultry and rabbits diseases.

Following the new separation in 1972, the Clinic got the name of the Department of Papal Disorders, and it also carries the name.

From 1948 to 1974, the Head of the Clinic, or the first Head of the Department, was prof Dr. Uros Bratanovic.       

 Since its founding, the Chair has been housed in a temporary building, and since 1972, it has been expanded spatially for the cattle station.                            

At the department worked Prof. Mile Rajčević, Ph.D. Uroš Bratanović, Full Professor, Dr. Srbislav Stamatović, Full Professor, Aleksadar Cvetković, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Miodrag Jovanović PhD, Full Professor, Prof. Dr. Žarko Lješević, Full Professor, Dr. Slobodan Đuričković, Assistant, M.Sc. Srdjan Marković Assistant, Zoran Damnjanović, MSc, M.Sc. Dusan Janković, Assistant Professor, Ivan Ivanov, Full Professor, Dr. Horea Šamnc, Full Professor, Dr. Biljana Radojcić, Full Professor, Dr. Predrag Simeunović, Assistant and Branko Jonić, PhD.




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