Department today

Today, four teachers, one assistant, and two non-permanent staff are employed at the Chair.                           

At the Department lectures are conducted on integrated academic and graduate studies in the subject: General Clinical Diagnostics (VI semester), Ruminants Diseases (VII and VIII semesters), Pigs Diseases (IX semester), and elective fields Growth, Pathology and Therapy of Farm Animals (IX, X, XI and XII semesters). Practical classes from these subjects are conducted at the Chair, the PKB-Corporation farms, the Livestock Farming Institute in Zemun and privately-owned farms.

Clinical exercises are performed in veterinary clinics and stations within a radius of up to 100 km from Belgrade.          

 In the framework of the work of the Chair, work on scientific-research projects is carried out as well as cooperation with economic entities from the country and abroad.                             

The cathedra has an ambulatory-amphitheater, a biochemical-hematological laboratory, and a staging center for cattle and pigs, a library with 700 books, as well as seven workshops for teachers and associates.                             

At the Chair specialized in 18, master 5, and doctorate of 10 colleagues until 1986, and after that, he specialized 25, master 12, and doctoral of 7 colleagues.                             

Many lecturers from abroad attended the Chair, and in recent years several distinguished professors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and scientific workers from prominent institutes, from Austria, Greece, Romania and Scotland.




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